Snow Tubing Field Trip Draws over 100 Participants

-By Phil Orlandella

After a rough start, over 100 tubers enjoyed the evening at Amesbury Sports Park.

Temperatures near zero with a wind chill factor well below, the bus was 45 minutes late leaving 50 plus people waiting on Commercial Street all bundled up, did not deter the annual Nazzaro Community Center’s February vacation field trip from taking place.

The field trip to Amesbury Sports Park for three hours of snow tubing was the “largest and quite possibly the best such field trip to date,” Center Director Carl Ameno said.

“Over 100 tubers, rather than being discouraged by the cold temperatures, thrived on the empty slopes, slick runs and short lift lines,” Ameno said.

“It was a great way to kick off their vacation week with an exhilarating night under the stars,” Ameno said.

Fast becoming the most popular field trip that the Nazzaro Center runs, the snow tubing outing hit the triple digit mark for the second year in a row, attracting over 40 families and teens.

Both North End Against Drugs and the North End Athletic Association helped sponsored the field trip.


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