Nazzaro Center Small Fry League underway

Small Fry Basketball is underway at the Nazzaro Community Center with four teams competing.

This very popular basketball league officially got into action on October 30 and will run through March 12 when the championship game will take place.

Starting times for the regular season games are 12noon and 2pm, beginning with a half hour of mandatory instruction presented by coaches and other league officials. Starting game times will be 12:30 and 2:30pm.

The coaches and players are listed below. Currently 47 members are participating in the league.


Emma Burgueno, Vincent Coppola, Isabella Del Peschio, Mattea Del Peschio, Ross Garrity, Timothy Martin, Salvatore Perez, Catherine Scire, Solomon Taieb, Madeline Ward, Nolan Ward.

Coaches: Alan Skinner and Max DeGrandis


Mario Ameno, Vance Battersby, Sean Byrne, McKenna Caskey, Jacob Gunderson, Samantha O’Brien, Dani Pezzuto, John Pezzuto, Mikayla Romano, Anthony Ruzzo, Nicholas Santiago, Francis Shea.

Coach: Michael Romano


Brianna Campochiaro, Ethan Crain, Fortunato D’Ampolo, Max DeMarco, Peter Luongo, Mark Malone, Michael Pittorre, Alexis Scalia, Nicholas Shea, Timothy Shea, Calvin Szulc, Paul Szulc.

Coaches: Mike Commisso and Travis Mazerall


Jase Cherchi, Francesca DiRice, Wes Dolcine, Owen Locke, Shona Ortiz, Richard Perez, Brendan Sutliff, Christopher Troiano, Michael Troiano, Guarino Vilar, Isabella Vilar.

Coaches: Alfredo Vilar and Ralph Indrisano

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