Governor visits North End Sunday

Governor Deval Patrick is shown surrounded by local children and his colleagues in government – and supporters – Representative Aaron Michlewitz and Senator Anthony Petruccelli.About the only thing that could take many people away from their televisions and the New England Patriots game Sunday afternoon was Governor Deval Patrick who came to the Improv Asylum on Hanover Street for a anti-drug rally at the famous location.

About 150 parents and their children gathered at the Improv to eat pizza and to take photographs with the governor.

North End Against Drugs sponsored the occasion.

The governor then went to the Café Grafiti on a campaign stop and then wound his way up a packed Hanover Street shaking hands and stopping for conversation.

Walking with the governor on Hanover Street was the North End’s Representative Aaron Michlewitz and Senator Anthony Petruccelli.

Also greeting the governor at the Improv were community organizer John Romano and Regional Review editor at large Phil Orlandella.

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