Reporting rat sightings ASAP gets quick responses

On Friday morning, September 17 local resident Janet Gilardi was informed by a friend and advised that a rat was walking around near his business on Fleet Street acting like he belonged there.

Gilardi, like residents are consistently asked to do, called the Mayor’s Hot Line and reported the up-close and personal encounter with a good size rodent. She told the Review that the person who answered her original call put her right through to Inspectional Services where John Meaney took the call.

“John said he will be down with his people in ten or fifteen minutes and so he did,” Gilardi said. “My friend was amazed at the quick response and the fact that this particular rodent is no longer with us,” Gilardi said.

Gilardi, an active member of NEWRA Clean Streets Committee, which meets once a month noted, “This is a good example why residents need to keep reporting these sightings as soon as possible.”

Gilardi thanked Meaney and staff for making the Hot Line System work effectively.

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