Greenway activities should be made public, beforehand

Making the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway work for everyone is a full-time job that needs some serious input from the neighborhood and the business community.

Everything that takes place on the Greenway has a direct affect on residents that live in the area and merchants that operate there.

Reportedly, some residents feel that events occur and plans are approved before any notifications are presented to residents and/or the business community.

It’s clearly understandable that in order to continue to operate the public space, the powers to be need a financial plan.

That means some concerts, outings and events need to happen in the Greenway and vendors also need to operate there for the Conservancy to raise some needed funds.

On several occasions at public meetings which were attended by Conservancy staff and/or advisors, this community newspaper has offered to publish articles relating to events, activities and plans for the Greenway.

To date not one piece of information has been forwarded to the Regional Review for publication.

What’s occurring on public places is everyone’s business. Those in charge should write down the following e-mail address, and respond with some facts that can be shared with the community and business owners…[email protected].

Enough said!

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