Man’s inhumanity to man

The murder last week in Boston of a pizza delivery man – a 58 year old father working a second job to better his family – stands out as one of the worst tragedies among a long stream of them recently.

He was called to a home on a pretense by two young men and a young woman who plotted to steal his money from him.

But the real question is why did they have to slash his throat and then stab him in the back?

Wasn’t stealing his money enough?

That this type of execution occurs in Boston, and all over this nation, is the saddest fact of reality about how the modern world has cheapened the value of life.

The young people involved in this heinous crime did not have police records. Their parents and friends expressed surprise that they could have committed such a terrible crime.

The children of the dead pizza delivery man, a Dominican man with kids who all finished college and two of whom worked in Mayor Menino’s office, have been sent into a state of deep despair.

Their Dad was so good and these kids that killed him are so bad.

When they were arraigned in court last week, they tried to cover up their heads so their faces couldn’t be seen. Thank God the judge demanded that they stand and be seen.

At times like these, it seems reasonable to have a death penalty … that these three should be put to death the way they put to death a decent, hardworking, family man who lived for his kids.

He was living out the American Dream and it killed him.

It is the shame of shames.

What are we coming to?

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