Burning the Koran

North Enders have strong opinions on politics, about food, symphony, opera, the Red Sox and on and on.

Many of us also have strong opinions about radical Islam, and those who would cut our heads off, blow up our children, plant bombs at a funeral or wedding or maybe even send a 7 year old child strapped with bombs into a restaurant or a crowded square and detonating herself.

However, we become the bad guys when we begin burning religious books like the Koran.

Hitler and his Nazi henchmen excited the German public into mass book burning during his rise to power. They especially took pleasure in burning Jewish books which ultimately led to the genocide of the Jewish people.

And so we hope calmer heads prevail here in America, where we shouldn’t want to do anything the Nazis did.

Let the Islamist radicals chant and scream for our death.

If ever there was a time to be Christian and to turn another cheek after that slap, this is it.

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