The BRA and the neighborhood

The Boston Redevelopment Authority has come up with new guidelines that limit any Harbor Garage development to 200 feet.

Whether or not developer Donald Chiofaro gets the go ahead or not, whomever develops the garage will be bound by the same rules.

In addition, the BRA and a local committee made up of residents of the waterfront and North End neighborhoods spent well over a year to develop these new guidelines.

Here at the Regional Review, we regard the BRA/neighborhood involvement and the new regulations that came out of it as an indication of just how pro-active the BRA has been in dealing with some of the complexities connected with Chiofaro’s proposed project.

Zoning is the pillar upon which the Harbor Garage development rests.

The Mayor Menino-Chiofaro feud, whether real of imagined, means very little when compared with the realities of zoning, and what it will take for a developer to meet the imperatives of BRA zoning requirements.

BRA Chief John Palmieri apparently has the respect and the ear of neighborhood residents when it comes to the Harbor Garage project proposals.

This is a great step in the right direction if something, anything, is to ever get done on this important slice of the waterfront.

Bottom line, many residents of the neighborhood believe the BRA’s cautious approach can lead to a successful conclusion for everyone involved.

For everyone involved, that would be just fine.

In another development connected with the garage project, Tuesday, the BRA Board of Directors will vote on final guidelines for Greenway projects submitted by their staff.

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