Fisherman’s Feast at 100; Now on to St. Anthony’s

The 100th Anniversary of the annual Fisherman’s Feast in the North End is something to note and to celebrate.

The Society of Madonna Del Soccorso Di Sciacca sponsors the feast, which has its roots in Sicily.

Legend has it that 16th Century fishermen asked the Madonna del Soccorso, Our Lady of Help, to protect them from being ravaged by the ocean – and to bring them back safely from their fishing endeavors.

Last weekend’s celebration was a giant success – although not without its difficulties.

Now its on to the St. Anthony’s Feast on Endicott Street and arguably, the largest of all the North End’s feasts and the annually best attended of them all.

The lights and decorations were put up on Saturday and Sunday.

The city has prepared with the police details necessary to patrol the neighborhood when such large crowds descend upon it.

St. Anthony’s Feast marks the end of summer – and frankly, we’d prefer that summer never ends.

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