North End Movie Filming Begins Tomorrow, May 26

By Phil Orlandella

Numbers Productions, Inc. will begin filming several movie scenes on North End streets on Wednesday and Thursday, May 26 & 27. Filming will take place from 7am to 2am.

Set-up for the movie entitled "What’s Your Number?" took place this past Monday and Tuesday.

In conjunction with city officials, the production company conducted a community meeting last Wednesday evening in the Nazzaro Community Center. About 10 residents attended.

Patti Papa, who handles filming for the City of Boston, explained that usually city regulations allows filming to take place from 7am to 11pm, but they were willing to change the hours to 2am with neighborhood approval and to avoid three days of filming.

Movie Executive Producer Nan Morales and Location Manager Mark Fitzgerald advised residents of the details relating to the two days of filming that will impact several streets including Salem, Cooper, Prince, North Margin, Cross and Bartlett Place.

All residents and merchants have been advised of all aspects relating to filming.

Business compensation has be arranged.

Residents have been offered relocation if they can’t live with the noise and having their windows blocked to shut-out light from the filming.

Residents will be issued vouchers to park in a local garage to replace spaces taken for filming on streets.

Residential access will be allowed periodically between scenes.

Trash pick-up will take place before filming begins. Production crews will pick-up and dispose of any household trash that’s put out late.

The crew will also clean the area of debris each night once filming is completed.

Boston Police details have been hired to control traffic flow during the duration of the filming.

Once filming is finished on Wednesday morning all the equipment will be shut down. None of the equipment will be removed to avoid any additional noise in the area.

Morales and Fitzgerald advised residents that the production company will make donations to the following six community groups or agencies.. Nazzaro Community Center, Eliot School, North End Head Start, North End Against Drugs, North End Athletic Association and North End Music and Performing Arts Center.

North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association President Mark Paul made a pitch for a donation to NEWRA referring to the group as a community group. When another person advised the production company that there is another community group, the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council, Paul blatantly said, "They work for the City."

Paul knows that this is not true. So why did he say it?

NEWNC is the only elected committee in the North End. They are elected by residents, as a volunteer advisory committee.

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