Two Major North End Feast Set to Go Starting in August

Two North End religious societies have filed permits with the City of Boston and will hold feasts this August.

Both the Fisherman’s and Saint Anthony’s feasts usually attract thousands of visitors to the neighborhood to enjoy the entertainment, have fun, dine on food, play games, have family gatherings and participate in religious activities.

Some of the North End feasts are over 100 years old and seem to get bigger and better every year they take place.

Reportedly, the societies are working closely with the city to manage and ensure the popular events are safe, clean and non-problematic.

Coupled with North End outdoor dining, the feast weekend events are expected to add to the neighborhood’s parking woes and traffic flow problems. Crowd control and emergency vehicle access could pose a problem. Cleanup and use of toilets can be problematic.

Some residents feel that the societies and the city should send out a clear message to potential feast goers to use public transportation or have someone drop them off within walking distance of the events.

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