Deer Tranquilized in North End and Safely Moved

Maybe she heard the line at Umberto’s was getting long or Mike’s Pastry was having a sale on cannolis. 

Whatever the reason, a deer wandered into the North End last Friday causing some chaos as Boston Police, Boston Animal Control, Environmental Police all descended onto the neighborhood to trap the deer. 

Videos and pictures show police trying to coreal the animal on side streets, in parks, between cars to no avail. 

Police did their best to ensure the deer wouldn’t dart out onto a busy street and get hit by car or at the very least knock over an outdoor dining table on Hanover Street and spill a bunch of cappuccinos. 

Eventually the deer was tranquilized and safely transported to the Blue Hills in Milton. 

“On Friday, June 4, 2021, Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers responded to the report of a deer in the North End of Boston,” said the Environmental Police in a statement. “Due to the populated location and amount of activity in the area, the determination was made to relocate the animal. With the assistance of the Boston Police Department and Boston Animal Control, Environmental Police Officers specially trained in the chemical immobilization of animals successfully immobilized the deer.”

Police said the doe was approximately two years old and was thoroughly evaluated for injuries and found to be in good health. 

“The deer was subsequently transported where it was monitored until it fully recovered from the effects of the immobilization agent,” police said. 

It’s not that unusual for wildlife to stumble into urban areas and similar deer sightings and captures have occurred in South Boston and East Boston in recent years 

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