Residents Mount Opposition Against Cross Street Hotel

North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) has submitted a comment letter to the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) expressing major concerns and questions relating to the proposed 134 room hotel at 42 Cross Street.

Many issues have been raised by NEWRA and North End residents, especially abutters.

Some of the concerns include: lack of residential community purpose, community residents and open space impacts, the public process, blocking views and sunlight, quality of fresh air, parking, noise and more.

Plans to have two first floor restaurants and dining and a lounge on the roof-deck will affect everyone including the business community that is trying to keep their heads above water stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic.

One resident told the Review, “We don’t have enough parking in the North End, especially with outdoor dining in effect, making it totally impossible to find a parking spot.”

Apparently, community stakeholders have organized an opposition signature drive.

“It doesn’t appear, at this time, that residents don’t plan to go anywhere,” another North Ender said. “Enough is enough.”

The developer Cross Street Ventura LSC, plans include redesigning and repurposing the Cross Street pedestrian plaza fronting the site primarily for hotel and restaurant purposes, including guest arrivals and departures, valet parking, restaurant patrons, plus delivery and waste removal.

“Don’t we (residents) have enough restaurants in the North End,” another resident noted.

NEWRA question the need and wisdom of removing the site from the neighborhood’s purpose when hotels have recently been completed, are under construction or are planned nearby at North Station, Government Center Garage, 88 North Washington Street and Parcel 9 adjacent to Haymarket Pushcart vendors.

The community group contends the hotel massing and the hotel and restaurant activity will impose burdens on the adjacent residential community, including Cutillo Park.

It will create a barrier, blocking light in view, impacting privacy and harming the owner’s property value neighbors believe.

Many other concerns have been raised relating to the proposed hotel.

The developer has committed to help rehab Cutillo Park working with the City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department, create a walkway from The Greenway to the park.

They also noted that hotel project will create jobs during and after construction is completed and bolster the economy.

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