By Phil Orlandella

NEWNC Election Nomination Papers Available

Once again, North End Waterfront residents have the opportunity to be a significant part of the neighborhood by becoming a candidate for the North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council board in the community election process that will be held on Saturday, May 15.

Each year, six of the twelve seats become available for two-year terms on the board which meets monthly, dealing with proposals and issues of concern that relate and could affect the neighborhood.

Becoming a NEWNC board member affords the opportunity to have a first-hand say in the development of the neighborhood.

Nomination papers are available at the Nazzaro Community Center on North Bennet Street or online at newncboston.com.

Forty signatures of residents are required to become a candidate.

Ballot positions will be determined through the luck of the draw.

Deadline for nomination papers to be submitted is May 3.

Become an active part of the neighborhood by serving on the NEWNC board.

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