Phil Orlandella

New Changes Should Help Restaurants

There is no question the North End is the restaurants capital of Massachusetts.

Like many other businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, eateries have experienced its share of financial problems and closures.

However, things appear to be heading to the brighter side, as closing hours and capacity numbers have been increased.

In addition, outdoor dining will take place for the second consecutive year.

These changes should help businesses prosper until things returned to normal.

Time will tell, but more is needed.

State Street One-Way Proposal Not the Best Idea

Making State Street a one-way needs to be seriously thought out by the Boston Transportation Department before being implemented.

Currently, traffic is very light due to the COVID-19 pandemic but sometime in the future, the street will return to normal heavy traffic, that a one-way will not be able to handle.

Adding a bike lane and widening the sidewalks will only add to a negative situation, making it difficult for business delivery drop-offs.

This is definitely a rethink situation.

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