NEWRA to Address Prince Street Occupancy Change

A request LLC to change the occupancy at 81 Prince Street was the topic of discussion on a virtual zoom meeting held by the North End Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) and the Zoning Licensing Committee, according to NEWRA President Cheryl Delgreco.

Following the presentation, Delgreco said, “The proposal will be addressed at the February 11 NEWRA meeting and a vote will be taken.”

Plans call for a change from four apartments and a store to five apartments with the ground-floor commercial space renovations and conversion to a two-bedroom residential unit extending into the basement.

In addition, a new roof deck will be constructed over the existing ell in the rear of the property is also planned.

The property is located in a Multifamily Residential Local Services Sub- District of the North End neighborhood Zoning District.

There are violations in place under Article 54 of the Boston Zoning Code, Section 10 (floor area ratio extensive and rear yard insufficient) and Section 21 (off street parking insufficient).

The applicant, represented by North End Attorney Daniel Toscano, pointed out that the existing floor area ratio is 3.82 and the property is 3.89.

The floor area ratio applicable throughout the District is 3.0.

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