Concerns Raised Regarding State Street Changes Exposed

Concerns from the Wharf District Council and residents regarding the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) proposal to change State Street from a two-way to a one-way street with a bike path while widening the sidewalk are being reviewed.

A petition is being circulated that reads: “The redesign of State Street must benefit all residents, commuters, visitors, tourists, as well as the businesses including hotels, restaurants and retail shops.”

BTD has held all the necessary public hearings and made several public information notices related to the street changes.

The State Street team is looking at other designs but changing to a one-way street may not be discarded according to a city source.

Changes to the current city plans come from the Waterfront District Council.

“State Street is a primary roadway going west to and from the waterfront and experiences heavy traffic volumes that cannot be accommodated by a one traffic lane.”

The street design must be based on traffic studies showing vehicle accounts that reflect daily non-State Street utilization.

Sufficient street space for curbside activity must be part of any new design.

The lack of pick-up and delivery areas negatively impacts businesses and residents and could cause tenants and retail to leave the area.

Dedicated bicycle lanes going west must be located on the other side of the street in this area.

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