By Phil Orlandella

Puopolo Park Scheduled to Open This Coming Spring

Currently, it’s possible for the extensive repairs at Puopolo Park on Commercial Street to be completed by the City of Boston this coming spring 2021.

However, the same is not in the cards for the Little League Park. Expectations are the field will not be completed for the 2022 season.

If in fact the park actually opens, the North End Atlantic Association (NEAA) will be making plans for sports events throughout the summer on the newly renovated park, depending on the COVID-19 situation.

Some of the activities could be soccer, baseball, special events and programs for all ages.

In order for the NEAA to manage these activities the non-profit organization needs volunteers and financial support.

This is a great opportunity for local residents to consider getting involved a few hours a week in the neighborhood.

When what facts are available the NEAA will make ample notice to the neighborhood.

Columbus Saga Will Continue-Bet on It

Betting line on the street is 14 to make 92 that the Columbus saga will sail back into the harbor when the wind blows in the right direction.

To date, the statue of the navigator has been vandalized several times and beheaded once, and placed in storage by City Hall.

It has been ruled by the Boston Arts Commission that the statue of the navigator is structural unsaved to be placed back at its original site on the Waterfront Park.

The community has been advised that the statue will most likely have a new home on North Margin Street on the site of a new housing development.

The mayor has committed to repairing the statue before it is relocated.

Still on the horizon are apparent demands by an anti-Columbus group calling for, all statues to be removed from public places, renaming of Columbus Park and the cancellation of the Columbus Day holiday.

One can bet the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria that rough seas are ahead and cannonballs will be flying.

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