NEWRA Opposes/NEWNC Supports 25 Atlantic Avenue Proposal

While the North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) voted 9-0 to support the 25 Atlantic Avenue proposal by J3 Design Development, the North End Residents’ Association (NEWRA) over wheezingly opposed the development 41-1 with one obtention.

NEWNC President Brett Roman and NEWRA President Cheryl Delgreco confirmed the vote.

Plans call for construction of a five-story, six-unit residential building. All units are three bedrooms and two duplex and four single-floor units are planned. The first floor is for parking and there is a common roof deck for all tenants.

The property is in a multi-family residential subdistrict Zoning violation arise under Article 32 of the Boston Zoning Code, Section 4 (Groundwater Conservation Overlay District Applicability) and Article 54 Section 18 (roof structure restrictions).

With respect to the latter, the ISD refusal letter notes the height of the proposed new construction exceeds the prior height of an existing building, and Section 18 specifics the height of a building existing as of June 24, 1985.

The refusal letter also notes that projections located above the public sidewalk will require approval from the Department of Public Works.

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