District A-1 Overall Crime Down 25-Percent

The Boston Police Department released its year end crime stats for District A-1, which includes the North End, and overall Part One Crime was down 25-percent for 2020.

Part One Crimes are the more serious crimes the Boston Police track and while there crimes were down when comparing Jan. 1, 2019 through Dec. 31, 2019 with the same time period this year, Larceny from Motor Vehicles was up nearly 40 percent.

In 2019 there were 210 motor vehicle larcenies but that number increased to 293 for 2020.

It seems the number of motor vehicle larcenies, an opportunistic crime that only takes seconds to pull off, is up all over Boston.

Citywide the number has gone from 2,713 in 2019 to 3,348 for 2020, a 23.4 percent increase.

The other major jump in crime was Commercial Burglaries, which jumped 94 percent in 2020. Commercial Burglaries went from 66 in 2019 to 128 for 2020 but the increase can be traced back to some of the looting and rioting that occurred over a few nights in Downtown Crossing during the George Floyd demonstrations in Boston.

As for other Part One Crimes in District A-1 there were zero reported Homicides for 2020; Rape or Attempted Rape was down from 27 to 18; Robbery or Attempted Robbery was down from  157 to 122; Domestic Aggravated Assault was down from 26 to 23; Non-Domestic Aggravated Assault was down from 275 to 214; Residential Burglaries were down from 50 to 46; other Larcenies were down from 1,501 to 1,012; and Auto Theft was down from 93 to 72.

In 2020 there were a total of 1,928 Part One Crimes in District A-1, down from the 2,415 reported in 2019.

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