NEWRA “Good Neighbor” Award Presented to L’Osteria Restaurant

L’Osteria Restaurant, 104 Salem Street, owner Paolina DiPietrantonia was the recipient of the November North End/Waterfront Association (NEWRA) “Good Neighbor” Award.

She was selected because of her continued effort to help keep the community clean by sweeping and picking up debris on the sidewalk and curb in front of her business.

Janet Gilardi presents Paolina DiPietrantonio with the NEWRA Good Neighbor Award at L’Osteria.

“When I presented this award to Paolina, she had tears in her eyes when she saw her late husband Nick’s name alongside of her name on the certificate of appreciation,” NEWRA Committee Chair Janet Gilardi said.

“Lina’s cleaning habit has been instilled in her to this day,” Gilardi said. “She is a strong and dedicated business owner that cares about the neighborhood.”

I’m grateful for the opportunity to present this award to a woman who cares and helps keep the community clean, Gilardi said.

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