North End Residents Support the Needy

Many North End residents have joined the HELPIS campaign to help people in need.

It all started when Karen Parker Myers, a board member of the non-profit organization, began picking up donations in the community from her mother Marie Orlandi a few years ago.

“That’s when her friends started to ask if they could participate and started collecting certain items,” Karen said.

The North End’s Anne Pizzano, MS, CCLS, Child Life Manager, John Hancock Child Life and
Wellness Program, gathers with her husband James and her family to tune into a virtual Storybook Ball.
Allan Goldstein, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief, MassGeneral Hospital for Children, addresses guests
via studio during the first ever virtual Storybook Ball on October 17.

“Before long, a good size group of donors and collectors started participating in this endeavor which has become successful in the North End,” she added.

Karen, a former North Ender said, “HELPIS would like to thank and recognize the efforts and kindness of the many residents that showed an interest to assist needy people.”

Karen often writes posts on Facebook relating to HELPIS and where the donations go. She also mentioned those that managed to get donations.

“As friends and others saw the post, I began receiving more and more messages from the North End people that wanted to get involved,” she said.

HELPIS is a non-profit organization that services families, individuals, veterans, children and other agencies that provide and support the needy.

North Enders that participated are Marie Orlandi, Janet Gilardi, Anna Martignetti, Janine Martignetti, Lynne Bova, Tracy Costa, Maria Peary, Jennifer Pittore, Joyce Rossi, Diane Pesatoro, Sandra Camaratta, Cheryl Camaratta Panetta, Christine Luisi Lottatore, Karen D’Amico, Shauna DeMarco and Michelle Petrigno.

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