NEWRA Expresses Concern Over the Boston Harbor Garage Plan

The North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) has submitted a multi-page letter to Brian Golden, Director of the Boston Planning and Development Agency, expressing their point of view relating to plans for the development of the Boston Harbor Garage.

NEWRA, in the letter, noted they have “a keen interest in the project for several reasons”.

“As an abutting neighborhood, residents regulate users on the Downtown Waterfront (the District), public amenities and accommodations, including, but not limited to public parks, cultural, recreational, water-based use and the Harbor Walk,” NEWRA indicated.

The letter goes on to state, “We (NEWRA) share a harbor front that is critically important to the residents of the District and our neighborhood.”

We also share with the District one municipal harbor plan that was approved by Secretary Tierney in 1991, the Harbor Walk Plan has experienced similar types of development, mostly private development, that have been constructed or proposed since that time.

NEWRA has taken careful note of the changes that have been approved in the new Downtown Waterfront District Municipal Harbor Plan approved by Secretary Beaton with conditions in 2018, as well as the projects that may be approved in accordance with the new plan.

While NEWRA supports redevelopment of the Boston Harbor Garage, the community group has several comments and concerns.

• Public process lacks required MHP design and use standards.

• MEPA and Article 80 reviews should correct MHP process inadequacies.

• Impacts of building height must be reassessed.

• Development should confirm to all relevant planning initiatives.

• Development in the District should achieve equity.

• Development must not compromise the public realm experience.

• The project must not harm the Waterfront District or the Harbor.

“NEWRA looks forward to participating in the development of Design Use Standards for the Downtown Waterfront District and the review of forthcoming regulatory documents and decisions for redevelopment of the Harbor Garage,” NEWRA President Cheryl Delgreco.

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