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Expanded Funds for Restaurants

North End/Waterfront Restaurants with under 25 employees that have been approved by the Boston Licensing Board to operate outdoor dining and to apply for the Reopen Boston Fund.

The fund ensures restaurants in Boston are able to purchase necessary equipment for outdoor dining in the fall and winter.

This will include costs to cover heaters, storage equipment and propane.

“As we head into the cooler months, we want to support restaurants and businesses that bring so much to our neighborhoods,” Mayor Martin Walsh said.

“Restaurants have continued to face incredible challenges during this pandemic and we remain committed to support them whether it’s through expanded outdoor dining or additional funding.”

NEMPAC Renovates Two Sites

Renovations have been made to the North End Music and Performing Arts Center locations on Hull Street and Paul Revere Mall (Prado).

Improvements were designed to foster a sense of home for staff, artists and to improve acoustics.

More innovative work was completed to improve atmosphere in the space with lighting as a way to bolster the color temperature of private classrooms.

In addition, acoustic paneling was adorned in bold bright colored fabric to create energy and enthusiasm into practice rooms.

Significant investments were made in the Prado site office equipment, studio furniture and instrument inventory.

NEMPAC Executive Director Sherry Snow said, “We invested in this equipment for the purpose of supporting our performance driven programming for youth and adults.”

Elected Officials Participate in Community Meeting

Several elected officials participated in a combined North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) and North End Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) Zoom meeting held on September 22.

The elected officials discussed state and city budgets, resources, climate resiliency plans, COVID-19 and several other issues important to families and businesses.

Mayor Martin Walsh, Senator Joe Boncore, Representative Aaron Michlewitz, City Councilors Lydia Edwards, Annissa Essaibi George and Ed Flynn presented information on a variety of subjects.

Ashley Seybold Leaves RUFF

North End resident Ashley Seybold has officially retired, from Responsible Urbanites for Fido (RUFF) since joining the non-profit organization in 2018.

Ashley played a major role in the development of the dog park at DeFilippo Park on Prince and Snow Hill Streets.

She has helped transform RUFF into the neighborhood organization that it has become.

According to RUFF, “Ashley is known as a kind and responsible neighbor whose efforts went above and beyond what people may have seen on a daily basis.”

She has left an enduring mark on the well used dog park and has been credited with making a safer, cleaner and more enjoyable dog park in the North End.

RUFF feels that Ashley’s “thoughtfulness brought life and a deep sense of community to members.”

To Ashley, RUFF was more than a dog park, it was a “dog family.” She made sure every puppy was welcome to the park, every complaint was carefully addressed, suggestions were considered and that every furry love one that passed away was remembered.

“RUFF, along with the North End community are grateful for all that Ashley gave to the group and the neighborhood,” members said.

NEMPAC Presents Latin X Concert

A virtual fundraising concert celebrating Latin X Heritage month was presented by North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC).

The concert, Nuestras Raices, featured NEMPAC faculty artists and will benefit the non-profit’s annual fund.

NEMPAC showcased their very own classical guitarist Jhon Alvarado, tenor Josaphat Contreras, mezzo soprano Alexandra Dietrich and pianist Jose Soto.

The concert was held on Sunday, October 4 at 6pm.

RUFF Announces New Chairpersons/Board Members

North End Responsible Urbanites for Fido (RUFF) has announced its new Chairperson and other Board members.

The non-profit community organization is responsible for creating the well-used dog park in DeFilippo Park on Prince and Snow Hill Streets.

The new board along with RUFF’s membership plan to continue to make the park clean, safe and welcoming to all dog owners.

Cristhel Lopez is the new Chairperson. She lived in New York before moving to the North End in 2018.

For as long as she can remember, she has always been surrounded by animals growing up. She was the child that always brought a random animal home.

Recently, she became a dog mom to Monti who has inspired her to take part in the community.

Madeline Ugarte will be handling marketing for RUFF. She moved to the North End about a year ago and she works as a designer and lives with her fiancé and the a one-year-old Collie/Aussie mix, Wigley.

Since moving from Chicago, she has thanked RUFF in so many of her new friends in the neighborhood. Madeline is excited to contribute to the community.

Alyssa Nations will be the membership’s person for the community. She is originally from Mississippi and has since made Boston her home. She lives with Corgi, Tucker and Corgi/Aussie mix, Watson.

Alyssa has found herself becoming more involved in the community while working as a reporter for a local North End new site.

Harrison Lebov, Esq. will handle RUFF’s legal issues. He lives in the North End with his fiancée, Chelsea and their Boston Terrier pup Charlie.

Harrison is a civil litigation attorney and focuses his practice in the area of product liability and complaint tart.

Besides managing the park, RUFF conducts several community events each year.

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