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Columbus Statue Decision

To the Editor,

On  Monday evening, October 5, I attended a Zoom meeting where Mayor Walsh of Boston presented the decision made regarding the Columbus statue, that was damaged and removed from Columbus Park on the waterfront.

I attended the meeting thinking a discussion about putting the statue back in its waterfront location would take place. Apparently a decision was made, with the blessings of many Italo/American groups and individuals, before the meeting took place.

The Mayor indicated that the City of Boston will pay for restoring the statue, after which it will be relocated to the Knights of Columbus building on North Margin Street.

In its place on the waterfront will be a statue, not yet designed, honoring the immigrants that came to America. Hopefully Italian.

The Mayor also said that there were no plans to change the name of Columbus Park.


 Arthur A. Lauretano (Sonny)

FONE Secretary

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