North Street Book Store Closing its Doors

Reportedly, the past several months has taken a huge toll on I Am Books, a small business located at 189 North Street, resulting in the closure of the store which opened in 2015.

The uncertainty the COVID-19 pandemic during the upcoming months has apparently made it impossible for the business to renew its lease.

Over the years, I Am Books has hosted many author events, poetry readings, social gatherings, art exhibits, film screenings, musical concerts, theatrical performances, clubs, children’s readings, workshops and language classes.

The bookstore has also coordinated a two-day literacy festival for two seasons.

I Am Books plans to continue publishing its newsletter and remain on social media to produce all the latest recommendations offered by the business.

“Who knows, perhaps an even better I Am Books could be possible down the road?”, a staffer claimed. I Am Books has planned a goodbye event for Saturday, September 12, (rain date Sunday, September 13) where people can say goodbye, pick up online orders and receive some goodies.

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