District A-1 Commanding Officer Captain Fong Retires

Commanding Officer, District A-1, Captain Kenneth Fong will retire this month after 33 years in law enforcement, many of them spent in the North End.

Since 2014, Captain Fong has been extremely active with his staff organizing monthly neighborhood meetings and participating in numerous community events and activities.

Many residents and the business community have credited the low-crime-rate in the community to the actions taken by the Captain who was committed to the neighborhood policing on a first-hand basis.

While serving in District A-1, the Captain and the Boston Police Department have recognized and presented awards to people who have made a difference in the community and public safety.

North End/Waterfront Public Safety Committee Chair David Marx pointed out the Captain’s dedicated public service.

“I have always greatly appreciated his transparency as well as his accessibility and responsiveness to my phone calls and text messages to him guarding crime and related quality of life issues, I will miss working with him,” Marx said.

“After working for 33 years in law enforcement I will be retiring,” Captain Fong said.

“Throughout my career, the community has always been the forefront of my philosophy and efforts,” he said. “If I have learned anything in my career, policing efforts are enhanced, strengthened and nurtured through strong community relationships.”

Captain Fong expressed his “gratefulness to the people of the North End for their continued support of the Boston Police Department (BPD)”.

BPD is expected to announce a replacement. Until then Sergeant Steve Moi will be the primary community desk contact along with officer Teddy Boyle.

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