Rep. Michlewitz Supports Annual Transportation Funding

A bill to invest $600 million annually in transportation funding to provide much-needed revenue that will begin to address the ongoing needs of the State’s Transportation System has been passed by the House of Representatives.

Projected congestion increases, unreliability and safety concerns prompted by legislature to act on the transportation woes, while cities and towns across the state reported increased transportation infrastructure needs.

“Throughout this process it has become clearer by the day that the need for more transportation revenue is real and it is immediate,” Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, Co-Chair of the Joint Committee of Ways and Means said.

“The balance approach that the House took in adopting this legislation ensures that we can make a greater investment in our transportation infrastructure without doing unnecessary harm to our constituents and businesses alike,” Michlewitz added.

Rep. Michlewitz pointed out, “These investments are vitally important because the longer we wait, the worse our transportation will get.”

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