Saint Leonard’s Knights Basketball League Playoffs-Feb. 15

Saint Leonard Knights basketball season wrapped up on a positive note including playoffs and players participating in five age group All-Stars games played in Dorchester.

The league thanked Donato Frattarolli Senior and Junior for their generous donation on behalf of the Taste of the North End.

“The donation allowed every player to have a brand-new jersey and shorts for the season which they kept when all was done,” said John Pregmon.

“Several of the game sponsors and other program contributors supported the League,” he added.

Playoffs for the 4-5-year-olds have already taken place but all the other divisions will be played on Feb. 15.

Fourteen players from different age brackets have been named as All-Stars. (5-8) Angela Wells, Sophie Caulder, Tess Sullivan and Kate Merle. (7-8) Lila Sullivan and Amelia Goggin. (5-6) Will Previte and Jack Olinto, Brennan Berkson. (7-8) Jadon Berkson and Jordany Mak. (3-4) Luciano Dello Russo, Matt Starr and William Olinto.

“It is incredibly hard, if not impossible, to select players for the All-Star game,” Pregmon noted. “They have put so much into their teams, however, the players selected deserve the recognition.”

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