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Boston to Host NAACP Convention

Boston, in 2020, will host the NAACP Convention celebrating Boston’s black history.

The event will honor Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. with the week of service, will remember a black women’s leadership in 100 years of women’s suffrage and honor black veterans who fought for the country, from the 54th Regiment to present day.

Human Rights Commission Appointees

Several members have been appointed by Mayor Martin Walsh to serve on Boston’s reactivated Human Rights Commission.

“We’re (Boston) committed to preserving and advancing human rights,” Mayor Walsh said.

Biggest City Economic Challenge/Housing

Mayor Martin Walsh continues to address what he calls the biggest economic challenge facing the City-housing and has pledged to dedicate $500 million over the next five years to create thousands of homes across the City that will be affordable to households with low and middle incomes.

Revenue will be generated by selling the Lafayette Garage, increasing its operating and capital budget to double its current funding in affordable housing to $100 million and working with the Legislature to approve a transfer fee of up to 2-percent on private real estate sales of $2 million in the City of Boston.

Administrator of BHA Appointed

Kate Bennet has been appointed Administrator of the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) by Mayor Martin Walsh.

The public agency is charged with providing affordable housing to more than 58,000 residents in the City of Boston and surrounding communities.

Bennet was named Acting Director in July replacing the late Bill McGonagle.

“Kate brings a wealth of experience to this role,” Mayor Martin Walsh said.

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