NEMPAC New Location is Music to the Ears

A potential new site is in the making for the North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) if all the cards fall in place.

The popular neighborhood, non-profit organization, is tentatively heading to 48-50 Tileston Street, using a grant and a designation for the site by the City of Boston.

For many years, NEMPAC has been seeking to relocate from its current location and the announcement is music to their ears as well as those of their students.

Based on strong support from the neighborhood and a strong proposal the vacant space will become NEMPAC’s headquarters for music education and other programs that will be a state-of-the-art facility that NEMPAC has been striving for.

City Hall has the Final Say on Proposed Building

A time will come when the only way to build additions to North End properties or open private properties will be upward, as close as possible to the 55-foot height restriction imposed in the North End.

Adding more stories to North End buildings is not new and will continue for some time possibly having a negative effect on abutters relating to light, air and noise, not to mention the potential problems with roof-decks.

When justified, abutters along with neighborhood organizations, should oppose the upward swing, but if the developers meet all the criteria, residents should not be surprised by the final decision to allow proposed development plans eventually made by the various City Hall departments.

Facts clearly indicate that neighborhood opposed proposals have been approved by the City.

Opposition to these types of proposals are only a message to City Hall which will make a decision on the merits of the proposal as submitted or revise.

NEAA Honors to DeAmato and Rossi

Back in the days when the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) was still growing, many people volunteered their time and energy to make the organization prosper and become an important player to provide solid and stable recreational programs for people of all ages.

Two of the many volunteers include John “DA” DeAmato and Rocky Rossi that played key roles in establishing what has become a solid and viable community organization that continues to excel and coordinating sports opportunities of all kinds.

Both were honored at the 2019 NEAA All-Star Game for their outstanding efforts on behalf of the neighborhood. Deservingly so.

Center Provides Seniors the ins and outs of Gambling

Now that a Casino has been officially opened, the BCYF Nazzaro Center held a special meeting to inform local seniors the ins and outs of gambling.

Casino gambling can be fun and entertaining; however, it can be a disaster if players, especially seniors, don’t stay within their financial status, and focus on a budget as to not over playing.

It was a great idea by the Center to inform seniors of the do’s and don’ts of gambling.

Motorists Need to Slow Down

Now that school is out and children and teenagers are enjoying summer vacation, it is important that motorists driving through the North End need to be aware of the situation and slow down.

Many local youth and other residents and seniors will be making their way to and from parks, playgrounds and other open spaces to play or attend events and/or activities.

One of the busiest locations is the Mirabella Pool on Commercial Street.

Public safety is paramount. Slow down.

Abide by the Pool Rules

Now that the Mirabella Pool has opened for the summer, many North End residents and others have ventured to the well utilized public outdoor facility to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, mingling with friends, family and neighbors while participating in the rumor mill that moves faster than a tidal wave.

Having a good time at the pool is important for all pool goers, however, abiding by the rules keeps the facility clean, safe and fun for everyone.

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