Neighborhood Service Center Holds Holiday Party

Overs 60 members of the community took part in the North End/West End Neighborhood Service Center’s (NSC) annual holiday party, many of them seniors.

Participants enjoyed a feast of ham with all the trimmings, topped off by a typical Italian panettone.

The party featured a Cherry Christmas tree, with colorful decorations in silver, gold, red, blue and green.

“Our seniors are family,” said NSC Director Maria Stella Gulla. “Clients are drawn here (Center) because the food is homemade, hardy and delicious.”

Senator Sal Di Domenico brought dozens of toys for neighborhood children and mingled with the seniors.

Legislative Aid to Counselor Lydia Edwards, Michael Bonetti handed out candy canes and greetings from the counselor.             Advisory Board member Victor Brogna entertained the partygoers with his trumpet playing.

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