MassDOT Proposes Temporary Bridge to Ease Traffic Flow

A deal is being finalized by MassDOT regarding building a temporary bridge along the city-owned North Washington Street Bridge which carries traffic to and from the North End and Charlestown, without impacting the overall budget of $177 million project.

A temporary bridge will reportedly, help optimize the schedule of work and reduced the project’s duration by several months, according to MassDOT.

Located next to the current bridge structure, the temporary structure is expected to help promote reliable travel and minimize impacts to MBTA service.

Construction, likely to start in 2019, will ensure that motorist have a minimum of three total travel lanes throughout the duration of the project.

It will also provide access for bicyclists and pedestrians, while reducing the need to rely on the existing bridge structure to carry traffic.

Apparently, the City of Boston has joined local state and federal partners on this comprehensive plan.

MassDOT and all other agencies included with the project will continue to exchange dialogue with the communities affected by the project.

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