Mae West, W.C Fields Take Over the North End Library

W.C. Fields and Mae West recently came to life at a North End Branch Library event sponsored by the Friends of the North End Library and a generous grant from the City Wide Friends of the Boston Public Library.  The cozy library event space became Mae West’s dressing room complete with props including fans and boas. Veteran actors, Lynne Moulton as Mae West, Joseph Zamparelli as W.C. Fields with Fran Baron as narrator turned back the clock and provided a raucous, racey, and insightful look into West’s and Field’s lives, their triumphs and their challenges. Mae West sang her suggestive songs and also delivered some of her classic lines that probably hadn’t ever been spoken in a library before. Mae also spread her charm and flirtatiousness to the male members of the audience who seemed to receive her attention with great delight.  A thank you to Rita Pagliuca of the Friends of the North End Library for finding this enticing and lively production and bringing it on stage to the library.  In attendance, among our neighbors, was David Vieira, a representative from the City Wide Friends of the Boston Public Library who brought good wishes from the City Wide Friends.

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