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Spring/Summer Greenway events

There are many activities happening or about to take place on The Greenway including things for children and adults to enjoy at Boston’s popular place to visit this spring and summer.

Food Truck Fest

The Greenway Spring Food Fest is back with food trucks and carts starting May 5 at Rowes Wharf Plaza (Atlantic Avenue and High Street) from 11 AM to 3 PM with the finest mobile-cuisine.

Pollinating Hotels

This year The Greenway debut their new Pollinator Ribbon Hotel throughout the park, within a corridor of plans designed to attract and support pollineighbors. Learn more about this in the park’s Organic Park Care.

Glow in the Park

Glow in the Park, Boston’s premier young professionals event, featuring live music, lawn games, performances, an amazing outdoor venue with all food/drinks included with admission. Tickets are now available.

Is a greenway with many surprises

it starts from one end of Chinatown and goes all the way to the North End. There is so much to see along this greenway          and on this greenway. There is a vegetable garden near the South Station side. There are also innovative artworks on display. Some are blended with the greenway itself and you have to pay attention to find. There are Adirondack chairs here and there to invite you to slow down. The guardians on the greenway are well designed and maintained and attracts bees and birds and good weather. There are also a few water attractions near the New England aquarium and North End for kids to get wet. It’s green, it’s fun and it’s free.

Art Week Boston on The Greenway

Friends of Armenian Heritage Park on The Greenway will celebrate Public Art Week on Saturday, May 5 beginning about 12:30 p.m. with opening remarks.

A World Labyrinth Day; Walk as One will follow at 1 p.m..

A reception to view the 2018 Configuration of the Abstract Sculpture at 1:30 p.m..

Tea and desserts will be hosted by MEM Tea Imports and Eastern Lamejun Bakers.

The events are a global initiative of the Labyrinth Society.

Other agencies and organizations involved with Art Week include: The Eliot K-8 Innovation School/Boston Public Schools, Friends of Christopher Columbus Park, Labyrinth Guide of New England, Labyrinth Walking Meetup, North End, and Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy.

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