R.U.F.F. News and Notes

Happy Spring. Winter has officially ended so it is time for fun, pups, and good weather. This a good time as the new dog park will officially open on April 28 starting with a ceremony.

Keep sharing Responsible Urbanites For Fido (RUFF) information at [email protected], on Instagram (ruffnorthend) and Facebook (RUFF North End Dog Group). Keep tagging RUFF in your Instagram photos.

After leaving the park, close the gate behind you. Park hours are 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. The gate will be locked outside of these times.

Clean-up after your dog and dispose of the bag, Remind others to do the same.

No more than three dogs to a walker. If this rule is not complied with, contact RUFF or the City of Boston.

The official Spring Grand Opening of our dog park will be happening April 28. The final repairs, water features, and details will be completed and added this month. With the unpredictable weather in April, please follow our social media accounts: IG (ruffnorthend) and FB (RUFF North End Dog Group) for periodic park closure and work notifications. We are working to get the inner gates at the Prince Street park secured and replaced this month. The contractor will be in the park to make these fixes.

The fence and gate at the Richmond Street dog run are also slated to be fixed.

As the warmer weather hits, we need to pay attention to folks not properly using the park. If you see any homeless people making a home in the park and/or the play structures, please call 911 to report it.

With RUFF now having a beautiful new dog park our dogs can play safely off leash in the park.

Many folks think that it is okay for their dog to be off leash in other parks/spaces in the neighborhood. Their dog “is friendly” . What they may not realize is that the dog on leash may not be.

That is where the Yellow Dog Project comes in. They are bringing awareness that all dogs must be leased in common, shared spaces.

Some dogs need space. Support this cause and be respectful to those dogs that are on leash.

RUFF will have yellow ribbons to hand out at the Spring Grand Opening. If you would like one before then, please reach out to RUFF.

Baseball season is back. Please keep your dog off the baseball fields. There is a great new dog park a block away for off-leash doggie recreation. Help RUFF hold dog owners responsible.

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