City’s Harbor site plans opposed

Waterfront residents are clearly opposing the Mayor’s Harbor site plan with the claim that it does not meet the needs of the community and puts developers ahead of the neighborhood.

They have circulated a petition opposing the current development plans and have also made suggestions that they feel will tackle the needs of the waterfront area and have advised both the Governor and the Mayor with no satisfaction to date.

The group plans to continue their endeavor until community needs take precedence.

Youth Pare the future of this country

Youth are the future of this country, and they should be recognized and taken seriously.

Their recent marches to change gun legislature were impressive, well-coordinated and contained a clear message about issuing guns.

This show of strength will not end until elected officials actually listen to them and act on new gun legislation.

Youth Power has finally become a force to reckon with and government better start paying attention or find themselves working in a supermarket, if they are qualified.

NEAD Hopping Easter Party

North End Against Drugs (NEAD) as usual held another hopping Easter Party for the youth of the North End, led by the Easter Bunny entertaining the group of over 130 participants.

Prizes, gifts, candy and other goodies including coloring eggs were featured at the community event held at the Nazzaro Community Center.

Many volunteers and donations made the holiday event a smash hit with the kids.

Dog Park will help keep the neighborhood cleaner

It’s officially official the new dog park built in the DeFilippo Playground, first and second levels of the Gassy, has become a reality and ceremonies will be held on April 28.

RUFF that has worked for over a year to get the North End’s 1st dog park developed and it’s about to occur.

Residents now have a park where they can take their dogs (off leash) to play, run and utilize the many things for them to do and meet other canines.

            The park will help keep parks, playgrounds, sidewalks and streets clean of dog droppings and urine.

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