North Square Project Milled Map Completed

A and J Art and Design currently has the milled map for the North Square Project in their studio.

The North Square.

The North Square.

The map measures 34 by 40 inches and includes the entire North End neighborhood, according to the design firm.

They will eventually add sculptured features to the map like trees, architectural details, water and boats around the wharves and local landmarks like the Paul Revere Monument and other sites along the Freedom Trail.

The final bronze map will also have street names in raised letters and in braille, a compass rose, the date represented (2018) and the scale (1.1050). CNC milling by Lanfoam Models, Inc.

            The design firm is asking residents, families and friends with North End interest and connections to contribute to the North End Story Vault, where A and J Arts and Design will place stories of North End people and events for later inclusion in the online component of public art work.

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