Friends of North End Library Excited About New Wooden Wishing Tree

The Friends of the North End Library gratefully thank local Woodworking Artisan Grant Burger for his amazing work of art now permanently on display in the North End Library.

The Friends of the North End Library started the Wishing Tree with donation ornaments years ago at the Annual Spring Fling. It was brought out once or twice a year as a way to provide extra funding for the librarians wishes for items that were not funded by the main branch library. Each ornament on the tree has a specific wish and a donation amount to cover that particular cost ranging from a $5.00 book replacement fund to a $300.00 new table. The tree was reinvented every time there was an event and made from various materials. Over the years we have seen a real balsam tree, a cardboard tree, a palm tree and even a balloon tree. We are so excited that a beautiful wooden tabletop tree will permanently be displayed in the North End Library. Now, if anyone is feeling generous anytime during the year, they can make a donation right at the front desk. Please leave contact info for your donation letter. Checks are payable to Friends of the North End Library.  For more information, go to

Grant Burger (former Marine and accomplished carpenter) acquired his fine woodworking skills at the North Bennett Street School in the North End and currently designs and builds custom chairs and furniture in the Charlestown Furniture Makers Co-Op in Charlestown, MA. He has been featured in the 2017 Fine Woodworking magazine “Masterful Helping Hand” and is the 2016 First Recipient, Alden Artisan Advancement, NH Furniture Masters, a 2016 Contributor in Popular Woodworking Magazine, “Marine Corps to Maker School” and is Co-Host of The Dusty Life Podcast. Grant accepts furniture commissions.

For more info visit or [email protected]

Thanks to the many local North End donors for all your support!  Coming soon we will have a Courtyard Open House to see the newly moved bricks, spring plants, and new table and chairs.

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