Nazzaro Center/NEAA Basketball Season Starts

The Nazzaro Center/NEAA basketball program is in full swing now that all 4 components, the Instructional, the Junior Varsity, the Varsity and the Division 1 Leagues (teens) have all tipped off.

The Instructional League (ages 4-6ish) the JV (grades 2 through 4) and the Varsity (grades 5-7) all play on Saturdays. The Instructional meet for basic drills, instruction and an informal “game” at 10 am while both the JV and Varsity play a set schedule with starting times ranging anywhere from 11:30 to 3:30 pm, all on Saturdays.  Division 1 play every Thursday evening, game times either 5:30 or 6:30 pm. While the JV consists of 6 teams  and the Varsity of 4, both divisions  play a structured game each week complete with a full schedule, team shirts, coaches, scorekeeping, weekly standings and a year ending  play-off to a championship.  Division 1 (grades 8-11) operates much the same as the JV and Varsity only it meets on Thursday evenings each week when four teams stage two games.  Highlights of the season include All Star games at Harvard, one trip (hopefully) for each team to a Celtics game, a fantastic Final Four March Madness week-end (in February) and a stylish awards banquet where each participant receives at least one award.

As stated earlier, all 4 divisions have begun their seasons but just barely.  Each team has played only 1 game with at least 10 more to go and the Instructional has staged just 2 of its 15 scheduled meetings.  So if there are any youngsters, boys and girls, out there who still wish to join this long running league (46 years and counting), there is still time and plenty of space. The cost is a modest $25 for the season, everything included, but it is free for all Nazzaro Center members!

For more information on any of the above programs, you can call the Nazzaro Center at 617-635-5166 and ask for program Carl Ameno

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