Mayor Committed to North End Improvements

Some major improvements will take place in the North End during 2018 and 2019 due to the commitment of Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh and various City of Boston departments that have been working closely with neighborhood residents and community organizations.

Several major projects have already been approved and will begin shortly.

North Square on the Freedom Trail is scheduled for street and cobblestone repairs, new lighting, better pedestrian access, major art work placement that will make the square safe and beautiful for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Earlier this year, Rachelle Revere Park in the square was renovated and Paul Revere Mall (Prado) will undergo major improvements and repairs.

The mall is also on the Freedom Trail leading to the historic Old North Church and a stone’s throw away from Copps Hill Burial Ground.

Project plans include: repairing the fountain, tree pruning, drainage repairs, bench and wall improvements, new signage, improved lighting, better access and more.

Once completed, the mall will be safer and more beautiful for everyone to visit.

Repairs and improvements, once the neighborhood agrees with the city’s plans, will take place throughout the entire recreational area on Commercial Street from the kid’s pool to the skating rink.

Improvements will be made to Langone Field, Puopolo Park and the softball field.

Actually, the entire area is being evaluated for work on the bocce courts, the basketball court, the kid’s playground, park access ability, better lighting, more electrical outlets, much needed storage spaces, toilets and ways to protect the area from water overflow from Boston Harbor.

The Nursing Home on Fulton Street (100 beds) will be getting renovations to the tune of $5 million with local residents receiving preference to rooms.

A new and spruced up dog park in DeFilippo Playground will open shortly allowing dog owners to have a place to take their pets to do their duty thus helping to keep the community clear of dog droppings and healthier.

The park has been cleaned from top to bottom, will have an artificial grass area to play in, and an area for canines to do their thing in, plastic bags for pickup and barrels for deposits.

            Obviously, the North End is getting some major attention and commitments from Mayor Walsh to greatly improve the neighborhood.

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