North End Activist Victor Brogna Can Play a Tune

Every month the ABCD North End/West End Neighborhood Service Center (NE/WE NSC) features an interesting senior, like Victor Brogna.

As a child, Victor grew up visiting the North End, which he permanently made his home in 1993.  His father had two sisters who lived at 97 Endicott Street for most of their lives. The family visited them frequently for Sunday dinner after the Children’s Mass at his home church in Newton. His visits were not just to restaurants or summer feasts-he says that he grew up with the North End culture in his bones.

Victor was an attorney in his pre-retirement years, both for the City of Boston Law Department doing Public Bidding and Construction and in private practice.  An avid and dedicated trumpet player, Victor played from the third grade to college, with the rigors of law school understandably leaving him no time to play. He shared that he had a fifty-five year break from his playing, and what a pleasure it was to resume.

Victor has been leading a busy and fulfilling retirement.  He jokes that he joined the center’s Advisory Board “by accident.”  A prior meeting was in progress and he stayed for the commencement of that evening’s Advisory Board meeting. The director saw his people skills; impressive background; North End residency and understanding of the needs of the neighborhood; and recruited him to join.

In addition to his involvement at the NE/WE NSC, Victor was also asked by Representative Aaron Michlewitz to join the North End Nursing Home Committee.  He is a current member of the North End Waterfront Residents Association as the Chair of the Zoning, License, and Construction Committee.   The organization celebrated twenty years last year, and Victor has been a member for the past fifteen.

Victor’s love of music has been an added bonus for our center-seniors, staff, and visitors alike enjoy his trumpet playing during holiday celebrations and other events.  He has regular practice playing with a band, and enjoys taking time for music, that he did not have with his work and family responsibilities.

Victor was asked why he enjoys coming to the NE/WE NSC, and his answer was simple yet heartwarming: he enjoys socializing with his companions that comprise the regular lunch group.  When he was working, he frequented restaurants. At the NE/WE NSC, he likes the sandwiches, soups, and other robust and healthful meals that the center serves.

(Provided by ABCD NSC Newsletter)

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