New Nursing Home Owners Discussed Plans at NEWNC Meeting

By Phil Orlandella

An all-out community endeavor to prevent the North End Nursing Home from closing and transporting local seniors to other facilities in Boston or the home of their choice has paid off.

Local residents, community organizations and elected officials worked together to save the Fulton Street building to accommodate North End residents.

A new firm, Marquis Health Services, is apparently going to spend over $5 million       dollars to renovate the building with 100 beds for seniors and a preference for North Enders.

CEO Norman RoKeach told residents at a North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council meeting they “Expect to become the official owners of the facility, probably by October 28 and will spend $5 million to upgrade the building with construction taking 6 months to a year.”

He also noted that “Seniors that have left can return to the neighborhood facility if they choose to do so.”

The company has held several weekend jobs fairs and plans to fully train all employees hired, possibly up to 50.

RoKeach said, “The plan to hire the best people possible and train them to meet the needs of all the health services they provide.” He noted that during renovations, residents would need to be moved for two weeks.

            Francine Gannon, an active member of the neighborhood team to save the Nursing Home, called the CEO and his firm a part of the community for stepping to the plate and saving the Nursing Home. She also thanked them for their support of several community events.

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