Police Presence at Feasts to Increase

By Phil Orlandella

District 1 Boston Police Captain Kenneth Fong, told residents at a community meeting, that he has increased police presence at local feasts because of recent incidents at the neighborhood events.

Apparently, the reason was also due to hundreds of teenagers congregating in the feasts and surrounding area, in pocket groups. The same thing occurred last year.

Fong said,“As you know, the North End of Boston proudly celebrates a number of feasts each year which are family-oriented and always celebrated in a positive way. In fact, the next scheduled celebrations are the Fisherman’s Feast and Saint Anthony’s Feast.

Recently, however, the feasts have experienced some disruptive behavior by individuals visiting the area and acting in an irresponsible manner. As a result of the unruly behavior, the Boston Police Department would like to remind all those who attend the feasts and those visiting the City of Boston to celebrate responsibly.

Feast-goers should know disruptive behavior such as public drinking and fighting will not be tolerated and community members who witness such behavior are kindly asked and encouraged to call 9-1-1. In addition, those attending the feasts should expect to see additional police presence to address any issues or concerns. Again, the feasts are a staple in the community and special to those who have celebrated for decades.

In closing, we hope and expect to continue this fine tradition and welcome all who plan to attend to do so in a responsible, respectful manner.”

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