By Phil Orlandella

Conti receives well deserved community award

District 1 Boston Police recently presented North End residents and community activist Matt Conti for his outstanding achievements in the neighborhood.

Selecting Matt was a wise choice. He’s not only the man that provides residents with updated community news on North End Waterfront.com, Matt is a solid community activist and sponsors several events in the neighborhood.

Conti is a well-recognized and respected member of the community who plays a major role in preserving the historic neighborhood.

Passacantilli candidacy for District 1 City Council moving fast forward

It appears that North End resident Stephen Passacantilli is leaving no stone unturned in his quest to become the District 1 Boston City Councilor replacing current Councilor Sal LaMattina.

He has made an appearance at every possible community meeting in the districts he is hoping to represent at City Hall.

Many unions have endorsed Passacantilli’s candidacy. Representative Aaron Michlewitz and Councilor Sal Lamattina have endorsed him as well.

Numerous North End residents and community activists are jumping on his bandwagon each day.

Just about everyone agrees Passacantilli will carry the North End handily. There are those who feel he will get his fair share of votes in Charlestown and East Boston in the primary election making him one of the two finalists for the District 1 seat.

NEAA Dodges/North Adams teams played great tournament

For twenty-seven consecutive years, the NEAA Dodges (15U) baseball team has participated in the LaFesta Baseball Exchange Tournament, held in North Adams, 2 games and the North End, 2 games.

Coordinated by NEAA Baseball Commissioner Ralph Martignetti and NEAA Director of Baseball Operations, the 2017 tournament was as excited as an inside the park home run.

The annual pilgrimage presented a great opportunity for both teams to play extremely competitive four games of baseball.

The NEAA plans to schedule a 28th consecutive year of this great tournament.

Unnecessary damage to dog park

There are reports of not-so-bright people creating unnecessary damage to the dog park located in the upper levels of DeFilippo playground.

Residents have identified these culprits and teenagers, probably high school dropouts with a drug related problem, with nothing else to do.

It’s incredible that even a dog park is subject to vandalism.

A new modern dog park is scheduled to be built, mainly due to the efforts of Responsible Urbanites For Fido (RUFF) and others.

The dog park will apparently be in place this summer or fall. Hopefully, these idiots don’t find their way to the new park to do damage of any kind.

            Residents who see anyone creating damage or doing drugs in the park should call 911 immediately.

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