NEWNC Supports Basement Renovation Plan

By Phil Orlandella

Although there are several abutters opposed to an application by Christopher Olson to renovate the existing first floor condominium at 32 Charter Street (unit one) the North End/Waterfront Council (NEWNC) voted unanimously to support the request at its July 10 monthly meeting.

Abutters were concerned with the final outcome of the project relating to rental or owner occupancy which could present any possible problems. Olson recognized their opinion and has met with them on several occasions but could not guarantee the final.

Legally, it was pointed out that Olson has done everything right and the Council only had one conclusion, to vote in favor.

Plans call for a two level condominium, installation of a glass door/emergency egress to passageway from basement bedroom, current layout has three bedrooms and one bathroom. The new layout has three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

The application is not creating any additional units or bedrooms.

Olson has appealed a refusal letter issued by the city’s Inspectional Service Department (ISD).

Basement use is an increase in floor area ratio (FAR) and require zoning relief by the Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA).

Attorney William Ferullo represented the petitioner.

NEWNC member Tania Green spoke on reporting fake monks soliciting at neighborhood sites including the Paul Revere Mall (Prado), Columbus Park and other locations in the community.

She pointed out that management at Faneuil Hall have removed them from the property and have posted signage wanting the public they are fake monks and do not have permission to solicit money on their property. She suggested that the same warning be posted in the North End at different locations.

An incident occurred when residents at 326 Hanover Street allegedly tossed a beer can from their fire escape into St. Leonard Church Peace Garden and were harassing visitors, was brought to the attention of the city’s Inspectional Services Department (ISD) as well as the Fire Department which responded immediately.

ISD contacted the landlord and the Fire Department gave the culprits a stern warning.

NEWNC members publicly expressed their feelings related to this incident involving a church. They all agreed that this was not a neighborly act, especially to a church.

Tania Green said, “This kind of nuisance is not appropriate and should not be tolerated.”

            NEWNC President John Pregmon advised that NEWNC does not meet in August. The next meeting will be held on Monday, September 11 at 7 p.m. in the Nazzaro Community Center.

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