FOCCP Attempting to Rekindle Boston Harbor Fireworks

By Phil Orlandella

Friends of Christopher Columbus Park (FOCCP) have embarked on a major goal to return fireworks over Boston Harbor on New Year’s Eve 2017 in the North End/Waterfront.

For whatever reason, the fireworks were discontinued last New Year’s Eve but FOCCP through fundraising is attempting to bring them back for thousands of people to view and enjoy.

FOCCP President Joanne Hayes-Rines working with Boston Harbor Now and the Wharf District Council are spearheading an endeavor to make the fireworks display a reality once again.

“Boston and local residents as well as visitors agree that the North End/Waterfront is a very special neighborhood and place to be on New Year’s Eve where fireworks have always ushered in the New Year,” according to the non-profit all volunteer neighborhood agency.

FOCCP notes, “The excitement is never higher when Bostonians and visitors ring in the New Year fireworks on the Harbor.”

The three groups taking on the endeavor agree… The neighborhood is buzzing when the fireworks end with the sound of blaring car horns and applause and the shouts of “Yay! Gorgeous” fill the air.

Working together, the groups hope to raise the funds necessary so that Boston Harbor is a blaze in a fabulous firework display on December 31, 2017.

FOCCP advises, “Without the support of local businesses, restaurants and residents, Boston Harbor will be silent and dark at midnight on New Year’s Eve.”

FOCCP’s ultimate goal is: two firework displays, one on each end of the harbor. In order to accomplish this $80,000 needs to be raised. One firework display in the center of the harbor would cost $40,000.

The event will also generate business for the local and surrounding area. For more information visit

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