Michael Sinatra Candidate for District 1 Council Seat

By Phil Orlandella

Michael Sinatra, Chief of Staff for Councilor Sal LaMattina has officially announced his candidacy for the District 1 Boston City Councilor seat.

Sinatra, of East Boston, is no stranger to the North End/Waterfront community, attending many neighborhood meetings and responding to numerous calls by residents relating to issues, concerns and problems on a regular basis.

“I have decided to run for the District 1 City Council seat. I have spent the last four years on Councilor LaMattina’s staff handling many issues throughout the entire district, with proven results,” Sinatra said.

“I was promoted to Chief of Staff after a short time because of my successful track record and I feel that my work speaks for itself.”

“If I am successful in winning the seat I will continue the work that I have been doing, making sure the day to day, nuts and bolts of basic city services are addressed.”

            “This job entails a relentless pursuit of servicing each and every one of our constituents, which I have been proud to do for my entire tenure working for the Counselor. I look forward to this campaign and wish each of the candidates the best of luck,” he added.

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