Long Wharf Bar and Restaurant Development Looks Bleak

Following almost a decade-long fight, the North End 10 received good news in their fight for Long Wharf, as a formal federal judgment passed down on March 23, stated the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) cannot redevelop the public space on the waterfront property for private enterprise without National Park Service’s (NPS) permission within the perimeters permitted by the Land Water Conservation Fund Act.

Although this final judgment states the BPDA) remains free to develop the pavilion area for public use under the regulations of NPS, Federal Judge Elizabeth Fahey stated in her judgment that private development could not happen without NPS approval “for perpetuity) according to a member of the North End 10.

This has been an ongoing battle since 2008 when the BRA wanted to develop the site for a bar and restaurant on the site.

The be BPDA has sixty days from the ruling to appeal the decision.

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