Winthrop Square Project Remains in the Shadow

By Phil Orlandella

Home rule petitions, letters, lobbying, public and private political discussions, news articles, the changing of the state’s Shadow Law, and airport height limitations are all an important part of allowing or not allowing a major development by Millennium Partners at Winthrop Square.

There are many points of view relating to the major project which could cast shadows in certain areas of Boston, including the Boston Common and the Public Garden and other areas as well. This project could set a precedent for this development only.

Obviously, the city wants $153 million in property sale, jobs and commercial revenues generated by construction, new businesses and additional working people moving into the city.

The Mayor has pledged millions of dollars for several community projects, housing and other community endeavors.

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz reportedly told the Mayor he would like to see some funding for The Greenway but so far it appears that the Mayor is sticking with his original plans dispersing the funds from the sale of the condemned parking lot as planned.

            Economically, the Winthrop Square project is important for the city in many ways. Usually, this leads to some kind of a compromise in order to make the project a reality.

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